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The Plaza International  introduces Park Bavli Private Residences In the unique and lush landscape at the heart of Tel Aviv.

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The Four Elements

The  four elements of the theory of nature,
was believed by the ancient Greeks to be 
the pure essence of all that exists. 
At Park Bavli we offer the buyer to select an apartment from the limited edition of the four elements.
A fully designed apartment in the spirit and inspiration of one of the elements of nature. 





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The Plaza International​

The Plaza International from the creators of the restored New York iconic Plaza Hotel.
The Group leads unique ventures which ranges from new construction to restoration and preservation of legendary real estate.​
Amongst high-end Residences, Hotels, and Eco Resorts.

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Architect & Developer

Gal Nauer, an architect, and a free thinker established Gal Nauer Architecture and Design studio in Israel, in 2001, and in New York, in 2004. GNA has been working on international intriguing projects worldwide ever since, strongly following her belief in the power of architecture to make a difference. In the potential of every project to elevate the quality of life of spaces of experience to its inhabitants, and the surrounding community. Architecture is not a monument but a livable experience for the people and communities of generations to come. Architecture is weaving the future cultures and way of living for generations to come.

Gal Nauer, who has earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute in New York City, and her master’s in philosophy of Science from Tel Aviv University, encourages her team to look beyond the obvious, to doubt, investigate and research. To be free thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries. “ We are experiencing an era of great and dynamic changes in every aspect of life; an era of profound changes is an era of great potential.“


Architect & Developer

GAL NAUER Architect & Developer


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logo the plaza international



The rich look of materials selected for the style associated with fire boasts traits that recall a blaze of glory: valor, passion, an inner flame that aspires to rise, to press beyond the known limits, and with a grate deal of love. In the powerful stance of the materials selected, threads of passion are very delicately meshed, wrapped in layers of splendor. A blend of all the materials whose chemical composition and distinctive processing reach the level of energy and spirituality which denote the element of fire.



In each and every material selected for the apartments suited to the element of air, there is one clear and unfailing truth: the combination of all the materials stimulates a sense of purity, creating a calculated, intelligent balance. The distinctive characteristics of modern design are embodied in the very clear statement articulated with minimum details, meticulously chosen.



Water’s property in nature as the most liberating factor of all is also evident in the style of design with which it is associated. In the materials selected for the design of apartments suited to the element of water, the emphasis has been placed upon the current and flow that is created between one material and another. Straight lines become curved as the hues of color blend to create the sense of a font caress. The delicacy and the softness reflected in a number of the materials produce a gliding sensation to bold with others which reflects fundamentality. Such a composition creates balance and permanence.



The Classic Style, emanating from the earth elements upon which it is based, reflects the traits that they both share in common. Solidity, innateness and elegance. Apartments designed in the classic style will project an aura of understated affluence stemming from the combination of materials which express an aristocratic balance, elegant comfort, subdued warmth and embrace. This style exudes a sophisticated traditionalism with an emphasis on the ephemeral, characteristic of the classic grace so distant from contemporary trends. Textures, hues and elements whose quality and appearance are enhanced by the passing of time.

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שם:  הגר

טלפון: 09-7768300

אימייל: Info@parkbavli.co.il

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